Overview of Business Wisdom

Are you Winning at Business by:

  • More than just surviving, but thriving in today's tougher times?
  • Positioning your company for growth, prosperity and continuity?
  • Managing and developing your organization for exceptional results?

Working with you to win in business is the mission of Business Wisdom.

Business Wisdom specifically works with business leaders who aspire to be their best in making a profound and lasting difference in their organizations, communities and their world. We assist company owners and key executives to generate greater:
 prosperity for all stakeholders of the business,
 productivity in all company operations, and
 personal fulfillment for owners and employees alike.

For the past 20 years, Business Wisdom has worked with small to mid-sized, privately-owned businesses (solo proprietors, multiple partners and family business owners) across a variety of industries:
 Professional Services
 Marketing and Distribution
Partial Client List

Business Wisdom provides simple and profound approaches to
 Business Development (cultivating quality, profitable business)
 Company Management (focusing and aligning people and processes)
 Organizational Leadership and Learning (bringing forth your team's best)
 Management Education (building skills and motivation for success)
We help you think more deeply and completely about what you are doing as a leader to achieve both your desired business results and your professional aspirations. We take pride in assisting organizations to find stability, as well as to strive for their full capability, be it in the marketplace, within their operations, with their people, or in their local community.

Have a look at the Business Wisdom resources (presentations; programs; library of articles, booklets and tapes; and free "Business Wisdom" ezine) available to you on this site, and let us know what here best fulfills your particular needs.

Harvy Simkovits, CMC

PS: Please feel free to contact me personally. Ask how we might best support your personal vision, and serve the business you take pride in.