Business Wisdom Programs

Business Wisdom provides innovative and sensible approaches to move your company effectively forward in:

Business Development (learn more about this practice area)

For New and Developing Business Professionals For Seasoned Business Professionals Approx.
Jumpstart Your Business/Practice Re-strategize Your Clients and Offerings 1-2 months
Make Inroads In Your Marketplace Re-position Yourself in the Marketplace 3-6 months
Build a Sustainable Business Recreate Your Business/Practice 9-12 months

Company Management (learn more about this practice area)

Win at the "Four Games of Business"
(An Executive Retreat)
Surfacing your company’s core issues for its growth and prosperity, and gathering your top-team together to do what it takes to move forward that top-priority agenda.
Moving Beyond Fire Fighting: Building Sound Management Practices Assessing and developing the important management practices of your growing business, so as to free up owners or founders for their most important contributions.
Get Your Top-Team Synchronized and Acting as One Working with your leadership/management team (individually or collectively) to define roles, successfully implement its priority agenda, or to mediate tough ownership, partnership or family-business situations.

Leadership and Learning (learn more about this practice area)

Grow Top-Team Capability and Commitment Providing ongoing professional development for current and up-and-coming key players in the organization.
Coach Individual Leaders for Impact and Results Working with individual executives to help them reach their highest level of performance and contribution to the business.
Build a Powerful Learning and Doing Company Culture Generating powerful and profound employee learning so as to achieve dramatic performance improvement within the organization.

Management Education (learn more about this practice area)

Fill Your Management Education Needs Filling needed capabilities in your managers through our expedient skills assessment, appropriate curriculum selection, and sound education implementation.
Get Your Up-and-Coming Leaders to Excel Providing leadership and management education across a broad variety of management skills and disciplines. (latest curriculum)
Coach Individual Managers for Impact and Results Working with individual managers, supervisors and team-leaders to help them effectively contribute to the organization.
Create Powerful Educational Events and Conferences Generating powerful, profound and practical meetings and gatherings that propel your people to the needed level of knowledge, capability and performance.

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