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  Business Wisdom’s High-Value Business Development Presentations

Complete Business Wisdom
Cultivate Quality, Profitable Customers
Building loyal, satisfied and profitable customers in today's more challenging economy takes more than sound service tactics (like “gung ho” employee attitude, great relationship skills, customer loyalty programs, speedier service response, etc., etc.). As a business owner or marketing/sales/customer-service executive, you also need to think about your customers strategically by a) targeting your most attractive customers with your most appealing and lucrative offerings, and b) focusing your business-development efforts towards the right buyers with the biggest needs. This presentation examines what it takes to pursue and win continual, profitable business with your chosen customers by successfully defining and designing your customer strategy and then focusing your company's limited time, energy and resources to accomplishing that strategy.

Mine for Business: Using Indirect Approaches to Reach Customers
The tendency for most business development professionals is to pursue their customers directly. However, most business is often gained indirectly, via referral sources and other intermediaries. In this session, come learn strategies for developing continuous client engagements via:
- Cultivating New Business Opportunities with Your Existing Clients
- Growing Your Business via Contacts, Connections and Collaborations
- Reacquiring Past Users of Your Services
- Generating a Presence in the Marketplace that Stimulates Quality "Word of Mouth" Advertising
Shepherd more business to your doorstep through these profound, practical and proven practices.

What's Your Story? (Distinguish Yourself in a Cluttered Marketplace)
Why should buyers buy from you? Why should colleagues partner with you? Why should staff work for you? Why should backers invest in you? Without an attractive and inspiring message you won't capture these people's interest and attention, let alone their energy, commitment and resources. Come and get Business Wisdom's simple and profound formula that uniquely distinguishes your business, and builds other's curiosity and attraction to work and align with you. You will create the powerful message and resourceful state-of-mind that will make you meaningful and memorable to your target audience.

Build and Maintain High-Value Customer Relationships
What is at the core of building productivity among individuals, both between and within organizations? It is dependent upon our ability to work together at a deep and meaningful level with peers, managers, customers or contractors. This, intern, is dependent upon our ability to understand what is critically important to the others. If we don’t understanding what is most important to another person, then we can get caught doing only what people ask for (or what we think or assume they want) which may not have deep or lasting value for them, or us. Come learn about the principles and practices to find out what is truly most valuable to someone, be it a customer or colleague, and thus build deeper, more collaborative partnerships between you and the people you need to work with every day.

Portray a Powerful, Professional Presence
Leaders don't just think and do things, they have a certain ways of being and acting that allows them to succeed and have impact in the world. And the greatest of leaders have the versatility to adapt to any situation, person, or event and operate in a manner that facilitates the achievement of the best results. For all business professionals, navigating our complex world requires not only methods and processes that provide solutions, but also "ways of carrying ourselves" that provide us with measured confidence and certainty, make us attractive to customers, and be able to effectively impact their condition. Developing our full outward capacity requires us to be versatile in our approach, thereby having greater impact in our world. Come learn about powerful practices that keep you present and powerful in all customers and colleague situations.

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